Just Another Manic Monday {Days 29-41... or something!}

In typical Ally-fashion the last few days of the 31 day challenge were abandoned but for good cause people! I attended the Storyline Conference in Chicago two weeks ago and it was truly life changing and wonderful in a zillion ways. Last week I was trying to live out some of the lessons I learned and it took all of my energy and all of the everythings!

I loved coming back to my people but it is hard after meeting with the Lord and hearing so many good speakers (Shauna Niequest, Glennon Melton Doyle, Scott Hamilton, Bob Goff, and one of my favorite writers-- Donald Miller) to be a different person in the same life (think-- laundy, dishes, THE TIME CHANGE). These writers have influenced my life for years and years. One of the things I love about each one of them is their books are pictures of people walking with God, they're not instruction manuals on how to be a better Christian, to me they're just visual aids and examples of what a life of a person in love with Jesus looks like. I have heard enough theology to last me a lifetime. My theology is deep, it has roots, I revisit it often but I am at a point in my life and walk with God where I am crying out to Him saying, "SHOW ME! Show me what it truly looks like to love you but be in the mundane, the every day because if you don't I shall surely die!"

So I have been shown and now I must fight to share with others and be different.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the conference to share with you on this lovely (I hope, I hope, I hope) Monday. *All of these quotes come from my personal conference notes so they are not to be copied or taken verbatim!

The underlying theme of the weekend was "What will the world miss if you don't tell your story?" This isn't about being a writer, it's about being a human. What story are you telling about your life through your day in and day out happenings? Because you are telling one. And the question behind it all asks, "Is it a good one?"

Donald Miller Says...
"God did not create us to live in reaction to the world around us, but rather to be co-creators with Him, telling the story of a meaningful life."

"We don't like what's happening in our lives, but we're not doing anything to change it."

"Don't wait to "get it together" before you really start living your life. Throw yourself into the narrative and let the story heal you."

"What is hijacking your story? Is your story meaningful or is it defined by getting more stuff? Don't let the story of your year be that you bought a new mini-van." (and for Ally, this probably applies to getting new TOMS too, just... probably).

 "Great stories happen when we are courageous enough to believe the world needs our story."

"Every story has a looong middle, the tension, the in-between where you don't know if the main character is going to make it. They're pushing against the darkness and even if the light doesn't break through, it doesn't matter. Because in the end we will be together with our Jesus and our lives will have mattered."

I read Glennon's book "Carry On, Warrior" during one of the hardest seasons of my life. It is a must read! I met her and almost cried because I so appreciate her vulnerability and courageousness in sharing her life. 

Glennon Melton Doyle Says...
"All the good things happen in the valley."

"We are like caterpillars who quit right before we become butterflies-- half the battle is finishing what we've already started."

"Don't wake up every day trying to change your life, just pay attention to living better in the life you already have."

Shauna Niequest Says...
"A supernatural thing happens when you just start being you. The system is rigged: the really good stuff happens in life when you stop trying to be someone else."

"Nothing beautiful happens when we live out of fear or competition."

"Learn your capacity as a human being. Only do as much as you can do and still be doing it out of love."

Bob Goff Says...
"How do people feel when they meet you? Tell people who they are and who they can be! Don't tell people what to do, tell people who they are."

"Jesus never told anyone to play it safe.I'd rather fail trying than fail watching from the sidelines. Live your life right on the edge of, 'yikes!'"

"Always seek to be a better version, a more humble version of yourself. And stop trying to be cool! I don't want to lead people to me, I want to lead people to Jesus."

Of course my girl Haverlee and I had the best time attending this together-- because, how could we not?

So, what will the world miss if you don't tell your story?

Source {Haverlee Colyer}


  1. What a great experience (and great quote you captured, too). This sounds like a really inspiring, motivating conference--glad you attended and got so much out of it. And I totally get the "afterward," returning to normal life with obligations and responsibilities is hard!

  2. "Don't tell people what to do- tell them who they are." Yes. That's what I needed. Actually, all of this is what I needed. I'm so glad you wrote this post! Also, you are like my own personal Glennon/Bob/Shauna/Don. (You are telling a very good story.) I miss you, friend!


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