The Wife

I love my husband and have decided to follow him as he builds bridges and highways across the Midwest. I stay at home with our little's and count down the minutes until he comes home. I never knew how much joy I would find in acting like a dog and chasing my laughing children across our living room, but there are many surprises in parenthood and not all of them involve poop. 

This blog started as a form of accountability to follow me through my project of not spending for a year. I love hearing people's stories, thank you for letting me share mine.

"And say what you like, one cannot be happy and satisfied if one does not feel in one's proper place." Elena Ivanovna went on. "Each of you has his strip of land, each of you works and knows what he is working for; my husband builds bridges- in short, everyone has his place, while I, I simply walk about. I have not my bit to work. I don't work, and feel as though I were an outsider. I am saying all this that you may not judge from outward appearances; if a man is expensively dressed and has means it does not prove that he is satisfied with his life."
Anton Chekhov, "The Witch"

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