The Spending Fast

My journey in not spending any money on myself for a year started in December 2013 when my husband and I realized how much money we had spent that year. We were shocked. And we had nothing to show for it. Our hard earned dollars were being wasted on a little of this, and a little of that. We have decided we are no longer okay with trying to have more and better stuff than everyone else.

The Rules of the Spending Fast

1. I can still buy food and toiletries for our family (duh) it wouldn't really be fair if I asked Lou and Mack to join in and give up their wasteful and excessive diaper using habit.

2. Eating out is allowed if it's social- but no solo "Woe-is-me!-My-toddler-had-a-massive-meltdown-in-public-and-now-I-need-some-onion-rings-and-a-milkshake-to-save-this-day" drive through runs. Also... no latte's. This is where I shall surely suffer. I don't really know how to leave the house without stopping for coffee so this will be a new experience that may lead to me actually arriving to places on time!

3. No services (haircut, tanning, manicure/pedicure, eye-brow wax)... EXCEPTION ALERT! Our sweet grand-parents give us Christmas money each year. I will be stretching this to use for highlights. I'll only be able to have it done every 3-4 months but anything is better than reverting to the dirty-dishwater color I think that is hiding under 15 years of blonde.

4. If I run out (like I actually used the whole stick of deodorant and am throwing it in the trash) I can buy a necessity (toothpaste- yes, please) but it has to be the cheapest. That is true for shampoo and body wash too, it just can't be the expensive stuff I've been buying the past few years. 

5. Experiences are okay: museum, movie theater, sky-diving, but these don't come up too often with two little ones at home! We tend to stay in the backyard, which is free. 
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