Q & A Friday {Day 10}: "Have you saved any money?"

I am excited about doing this Friday series! When I followed my friend Janet's spending fast via her blog, I always had so many questions as to how it was going-- but didn't want to bother her! Now that I keep a blog myself, please bother me so I have things to write about!

Today's question comes from Veronica Greear. I met Veronica when I worked with Campus Outreach. She and her hubby had our staff team over for a cook out and I thought she was hilarious. Veronica was expecting their fourth baby at the time and I remember her complaining that Target only carried the good maternity clothes when she wasn't pregnant. Ha-- so true! Thanks for commenting and asking Veronica! (p.s. her hubby J.D. is a pastor at one of my fav churches in Raleigh, NC and she calls him the Silver Fox. I die.)

Question: "Have you saved a lot of money or just spent it in other areas?"

Answer: Just spent it in other areas.

I could stop here but I'll tell you a little more! The first 3 months I was basically annoyed that I was doing a spending fast, mentally I was in la-la-land and spent tons of time thinking about all the stuff I wish I could have. Like an addict who cold-turkey gives up what they're hooked on and is in withdrawal.

Months 4-6 I started coping by spending more money in three specific areas: on my kids, on gifts for weddings and showers, and on food. Mike got "annoyed" because our bills actually increased from what they were in 2013.

If you are considering doing a fast like this, can I encourage you to try it for a year? No doubt I am slower than most, but it wasn't until month 6 that I started to really embrace and enjoy my fast. I think we don't realize how absorbed we are in acquiring stuff. It takes a while to shake off your old habits and embrace new ones.

Now I am on month 10 and it feels like this experiment has flown by. I oddly don't want it to end because I am afraid of falling back into my old ways! Is there an AA style meeting for spending addicts? "Hi, my name is Ally, and I'm addicted to buying stretchy pants?"

Now we save an average of $500 per month thanks to the Spending Fast. Pretty awesome! Because of that savings we joined a gym that I would have instantly said "heck no" to pre-fast. I get a baby-sitter more often and have saved my life on long days. We used some flex money to start up a little in-home business. This winter Mike and I want to finish fixing up our house to put it on the market in the Spring so now I can hire someone to do things instead of waiting for him to get to it! Seriously that will save us from a zillion arguments and makes the spending fast worth every hard moment for that luxury alone! Best part hands down is being able to be generous to others when needs come up instead of our old response, "Sorry things are a little tight this month." (So if you have a need, ask now! You have 12 weeks left before Generous Ally loses her mind shopping the post-Christmas sales!)

Thanks for the questions, please comment or e-mail me with more!


  1. I loved Thursday so much, especially number 10, haha! But Friday is my new favorite:) The thing that is echoing in my head is "It takes a while to shake off old habits and embrace new ones." Thank you for taking the time to share all this with us!

  2. You're welcome Veronica! Thanks for commenting and reading, if I had a #1 fan button I would oh-so proudly send it to you. And my mom.


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