Our Weekend in Pictures! {Day 13}

I am TERRIBLE at remembering to take pictures, and this directly affects my blogging because no pictures, no blog post. But I kept my phone close this weekend and captured as much as I could.

Friday morning started off with a bang. We were on our way out the door, and Emmy calls me and said, "Mama, Mack did my make-up too!" Sigh.

Here they are in time-out, I tell them every day not to play with my make-up!

One child feels guilty and one child could care less, perfect depiction of their personalities! 

Our Halloween costumes came in the mail and we staged a quick photo op to share with Nana. I was 50% successful. Princess and the pea, but we'll have to settle for this image of the other pea pod children because Mack threw himself on the ground and screamed "NO!" when approached with his outfit! 

Our best friends in Des Moines have 3 kids, and we have 2. My rule of thumb when I am planning play-dates or getting together with other families is to always go to the house of the person with the most kids. Then they don't have to stress about getting everyone loaded up and transported. My second rule in visiting friends' homes is to let them know they NEVER have to clean up for me! No thank you! Real friends don't have to impress each other and fake a clean home. I love having people come over in the middle of the day and seeing my craziness. That is real life. If I do clean up, by the time you come over I am mad at you for making me do all that extra work!

When we hang out with Katie and Jon, we like to pick up Papa Murphy's on the way over. Our fav pizza is the chicken, bacon, artichoke and their salads are good too. Since I have weird food allergies, I just eat the top of the pizza and feed the crust to my kids like they're little baby ducks. Win, win.
Workin on my selfies on the way. I am wearing FULL ON MAKE-UP here because Katie is a photographer and did an impromptu sesh for us! Also do you recognize this shirt? It is the $5 one from the Gap I blogged about-- my bf bought it for me, so blessed!

One of the zillion things I love about the Spending Fast is that we are freed up to splurge on things as a family, weekend activities and going out to eat- yes, please! Mike is not a lover of big crowds and organized chaos but woke me up Saturday am (he lied and told me it was 9am when it was really 8 to get me out of bed in a hurry-- does anybody else's husband ever do that?) and we got ready for the pumpkin patch. First we went out to breakfast at a new BBQ place near our house, large portions of smoked meat and eggs for breakfast, Iowa dining at its finest!

Off to Center Grove Pumpkin Farm! 

Saturday night we had my most favorite crock-pot meal. Erica's beef with pepperoncini peppers. It has an awesome kick to it, my kids eat mac and cheese instead. Mike likes to eat his in a taco slathered with guacamole and sour cream, and I like to eat mine on top of quinoa with a side of steamed broccoli. Every day is opposite day at our house! Here is the recipe:

1. 3-4 lb chuck roast

2. One jar of Mezzetta Pepperoncini sliced peppers

3. One packet of Good Season's dry Italian Dressing mix

Put it all in the crockpot for 6-8 hours on low. Done! Delicious!  

Saturday night we caught up on our shows, what are you guys watching right now? We're super into The Blacklist and How to Get Away with Murder-- both lead me to constantly think I am being followed. 

Sunday morning we got up early went to first service (Mike lied to me again about the time to get me out of bed and dressed early enough to make it, so much trickery!) but it was nice to have the day freed up. We ate breakfast/lunch at our other favorite place The Cheesecake Factory. We love it and our kids do too! Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble and bought one of my favorite Halloween books for the kids:

Poor Emmy is freaking out because I am taking the picture instead of reading to her, little creature of habit!

We had a very exciting family outing to Walmart and then I spent some time to myself organizing the laundry upstairs. I took a picture but it is too disturbing to share. Add this to the very long list of 'Things They Don't Tell You Before You Have Kids.' Since we're transitioning seasonal clothes I have 4 boxes in each kids room. 
1. Clothes for upcoming fall/winter 
2. Clothes from this past summer
3. Clothes that might also fit next summer
4. Clothes that do not fit this fall/winter, pack up for next baby (or to give to a friend)

To end the day, we played a quick game of dress up with Mama's glasses. And everyone says our kids look more like Mike than me! 

Okay that is a million pictures. And yes, that is me circa my 10th birthday. There are no words! 
Happy Monday!


  1. I love your rules of thumb for play dates - I think they should become universal law ;). Also: we have recently become obsessed with The Blacklist as well. So good! And creepy. But good!

    1. I know Krystal it is like hit-or-miss for me! Some episodes I can handle and others I wish I hadn't watched because it is hard for me to sleep afterwards. But I think I am in too deep now, no going back.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jo! So glad to have met you! We can't wait to have you list our house this upcoming Spring!

  3. I've made that pot roast recipe so many times back to back that Erik has forbidden me to make it anymore.

  4. i liked this blog today


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