Hello, I am cheating right now

Hi there, just wanted to show a little picture of me breaking my spending fast and I am blissful about it because for the first time in 3 months I am well-caffeinated!

Today it is 28 degrees in Iowa, snowing, my son is teething, I am potty training my daughter, and when my husband got home, from doing Heaven knows what, I was hiding under the high-chair eating puppy chow. I grabbed my bag, said, "See ya sucka!" and headed to the coffee shop. If somewhere with wine was open, I would be there right now.

This is the Case of the Monday's selfie I took this morning and sent to my ever-sympathetic mother.

Anyways, since all-y'all are my accountability, I just wanted to keep up with my whole transparency thing.

I explained (to a very patient barista) the spending fast and how I was considering breaking it via the purchase of a hot beverage and did she think it counted as cheating if my husband reimburses me later then it'd be like he bought it for me and oh, did they make latte's with almond milk? Yes? I'll take a double, add caramel, add whip, please!

Thanks for all your support. I am weak. Who knows what wild acts of treason I will commit tomorrow if my children keep crying and the weather keeps being oh-so-Iowa in the Springtime!

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