This year's ADVENTURE

Well seriously every day of my life feels a little bit like an adventure, the kind where you are mostly inside picking up crumbs and changing dirty diapers, but I am trying something new for 2014.
I have always been a shopper, like a major shopper...

I emotionally shop when I'm stressed out/happy/sad/excited/worried basically when I'm having ANY type of feeling at all.

Now that I'm home a lot, life can sometimes feel... can I dare say... A LITTLE BORING... not that I don't love being a stay at home mom (I am supposed to always clarify that, I feel) but let's be honest I am in my work clothes- a fancy way of saying pajama's-- during the day and I could use some excitement beyond what Daniel Tiger is singing about. So to perk up my afternoon, I can sit on the computer and instantly choose from a billion things on Amazon and have them shipped to my door. Fun! And then it is so exciting to have that "I bought something new rush" to energize me into making dinner that evening...

I also am one to THINK about buying things a lot... i.e. my favorite makeup blog is always posting tutorials and I think it is important to reduce the frump when I am running my weekly VIP errands to the grocery store and the library.  SO I watch these tutorials and subsequently can't stop day-dreaming about how I would love to buy that eyeshadow pallet (like this one)... I wonder about it when I'm getting ready, whenever I pass a mirror, and then at night when I should be falling asleep, I am instead thinking... "When will I buy it? Which credit card should I put it on so Hubby gets the least amount of mad? Should I ask for it for my birthday? No my birthday is too far away, how about my anniversary? How about I try to find a coupon?" and so on... and so on...

So this year begins the journey on not buying anything for myself... an experiment in happiness.

Can I really be happy if I don't spend money on myself?

If I don't have that high I get after I go shopping or get a package on my door step?

If I don't feel like I am looking trendy and "put together" in some new fashion?

Follow with me as I try my darndest!

This is my first blog experience and it's just as much for accountability as it is another way for my mom to check up on me... Hi Mom!


  1. I can definitely relate to being an "emotional shopper". I look forward to your next entry!

    1. Thanks Alicia!! I wish we could've seen you and Wylie over Christmas, miss you guys and can't wait to hear how your pregnancy is going :)

  2. Love this, Al! Way to be real and break free from the American consumer mindset!! XOXO

    1. Mel it is so good to hear from you! I miss you and hope married life is GOOD. I am going to check out that Starbucks thing you mentioned, that sounds wacko...

  3. Love you so much!!! Love the last comment.

    1. Thanks Mom, but please sign out of my g-mail account on the home computer! Otherwise all your comments are going to show up as ME. LOVE YOU!

  4. You go girl!!! So excited for your journey this next year!!
    Troy McMahon


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