Last Purchases for 365 Days and The Rules!

Without giving them too much thought beforehand, these were my last purchases from 2013:

                                                1. Hunter Boot zig-zag Welly socks $40
2. My favorite liquid eyeliner $6
3. A cut-out dress from Forever 21 for our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico $20
4. A manicure and pedicure (sad that it's already chipping- it has to last me 11 1/2 more months!)

I didn't want to get too crazy or put too much thought into not being able to buy things-- I am predisposed to stockpiling (it's a genetic thing: my grandma had a whole closet dedicated to pasta she bought at the dollar store and my dad is a classic hoarder: mom recently asked him to clean out the deep freeze in the basement and he refused to throw anything out even though most of it had a 2008 expiration date). 

The Rules are essentially the same as what my blog's role-model Janet McMahon did last year. I haven't seen Janet and her husband Troy since they moved to Kansas City to church plant but I still keep up with them online. After I read about what she was up to, I knew this was something God was nudging me to do as well. 

1. I can still buy food and things for our family (duh) it wouldn't really be fair if I asked Lou and Mack to join in and give up their wasteful and excessive diaper using habit.

2. Eating out is allowed if it's social- but no solo "Woe-is-me!-My-toddler-had-a-massive-meltdown-in-public-and-now-I-need-some-onion-rings-and-a-milkshake-to-save-this-day" drive through runs. Also... no latte's. This is where I shall surely suffer. I don't really know how to leave the house without stopping for coffee so this will be a new experience that may lead to me actually arriving to places on time!

3. No services (haircut, tanning, manicure/pedicure, eye-brow wax)... EXCEPTION ALERT! Our sweet grand-parents give us Christmas money each year. I will be stretching this to use for highlights. Like 5 highlights a month but it's better than reverting to the dirty-dishwater color I think that is hiding under 15 years of blonde.

4. If I run out (like I actually used the whole stick of deodorant and am throwing it in the trash) I can buy a necessity (toothpaste- yes, please) but it has to be the cheapest. That is true for shampoo and body wash too, it just can't be the expensive stuff I've been buying the past few years. 

5. Experiences are okay: museum, movie theater, sky-diving, but these don't come up too often.

That's it! 
So far it's been 12 days. I went to Target and it was hard (I wanted to buy 29348 things namely some Crest White Strips, a frappuccino, a cute sweater on clearance for $15, and a new swim suit)-- but instead I bought Lou a frog potty and some Elmo undies to prematurely start potty-training, sounds like a welcomed distraction!


  1. Is it helpful or unhelpful if I say that I love the Welly socks?! They are so cute. And Iowa will be helpful in that the weather will let you wear them for some months to come. Cheering for you especially these first days when the challenge is so new and Target is so... Target.

    1. Becky it is helpful because the excitement I felt when they came in the mail has to last all year. You can borrow them if you want to feel British while you watch Downton Abbey tonight. And yes, I am glad we aren't in close proximity to Target, wandering through Walmart looking for things to buy just isn't the same :)

  2. Aly, I applaud you for doing this! Like you, I have always been an emotional spender, so this would be hard. I will be cheering you on!

    1. Thanks Rachel! It is great to hear from you and I really appreciate the support! It definitely helps that I am a small-town gal now and far removed from all the shopping temptations that surround you in Naperville ;) Hope you and the family are doing really well.

  3. Hey Aly! It's been forever since we've seen each other! Looks like things are good for you! I ran across your blogspot on FB and just wanted to applaud you! My boyfriend recently started making a lot more money than me and we are currently having the "how do we tackle this" dilemma. It was refreshing to hear that other relationships have similar fears and also to see how you have decided to better your relationship, yourself, and the world with this admirable plan! Good luck to you and I know you will be successful!

    Morgan Helms

    1. Hey Morgan! I am so glad you left a comment and took the time to read my little blog. It is so good to start thinking about the dilemma of money and relationships now, right?! I think a lot of people wait too long... and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who is battling with how to do these things and I don't want to wake up one day and look back on life and feel like I blew it with all the blessings God has given me... I am starting to realize a lot of people might think about these things too but are afraid to talk about it. Anyways, I hope you are doing great in life and thanks again for saying hi!! Love Ally

  4. I applaud you for doing this, and for being real about it. Refreshing! I have been fasting from buying clothing and material needs since June 2013, and am aiming to do it for a year. It's tough! I'll be praying for you as you begin this journey!

    1. Wow Shanna, that is a long time- I would love to hear more if you get a chance to send me an e-mail. Thanks for the prayers, it's been pretty good so far but I think once the change of season comes I might start struggling to not buy the things I "need." So nice to hear from you.


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