A Day in the Life: Ally Edition

One of my favorite bloggers does this every few months, I love it! Except she lives in a beautiful town in Texas, has a pool, drives around in her golf cart, and is all around a whole lot fancier than us out here in Western Iowa.

I had the WORST day with my kids yesterday, seriously I was having flashbacks to when Archer was a new baby and we were all feelin' the stress. Everyone whined the whole morning, including mom, nothing got done, I felt like I was walking in circles all day, and I swear I gave out a dozen bandaids because we were all tired and crashing into things. So I thought it'd be fun to start fresh this morning, and document a "day in the life." It might appear from this post that all I did today was sleep in, take my kids to the park and out to lunch, but try to read between the lines!

4:25 am-- Hubby wakes me up because he can't find clean jeans. Since this is my area of jurisdiction, so many choice words to say about that, I stumbled into the laundry room (aka Archie's closet) and needed to be the one to get the pants since I am WAY stealthier than he is. That man wakes up all the babies in the mornings as he looks for a granola bar. SO. LOUD.

4:30-5:30 am-- it is storming and I can't fall back asleep! Scrolled through social media for an hour, that's a fancy way of saying I looked at people's pictures on Facebook. I think I was still having adrenaline from the stress of watching the Bachelorette finale! #teamrobbie

8:00 am-- Mack crawls in my bed and makes me move over so he can have my "warm spot"

(please don't judge, we are SO lazy. My kiddos have learned to sleep late because it helps ward off the hunger pains they have when nobody is getting out of bed to get them breakfast. I'll learn to be a grown-up again when Emmy and Mack go to school in the fall. We will reform, I promise! Also Archie is finally sleeping all night so I'm celebrating with late mornings! I sure did put my time in with through-the-night wake-ups the first 8 months!) 

8:20 am-- Emmy comes in my room. She is always fully dressed when she comes upstairs and it is never seasonally appropriate. Our high today was 97 so of course she chose leggings and a ill-fitted sweater. 

8:30 am-- Archie awake and trying to stand up. Time to be a contributing member to society.
His pajamas are an indicator of how cold our house is at night, I hate to be hot while sleeping!
8:40-- Feed Archie bottle, put in a load of laundry, unload dishwasher from last night, give the kids breakfast (always an almond butter bar and greek yogurt), make my own breakfast, and since I didn't clean up last night walk around picking up garbage (it's an issue) and stray toys!
I eat the same thing every day! Half a gluten-free English Muffin w/peanut butter
9:00-- Make coffee. Clap hands! 
This is what we're working with today. Mascara from Sunday (it's Tuesday), hair last washed Friday.
9:05-- Emmy "babysits" so I can take a quick shower and shave my legs.

9:12-- Microwave cup of coffee. 

9:30-- Put Archie down for nap. He says no. Cries in crib. Get Archie back up and hope he naps in the car while we're out later.

9:37-- Microwave coffee.

9:45-- Ask Emmy why her hair is wet. Touch hair. It is not wet. It is greasy. Emmy put a whole tube of steroid eczema cream all over body and wiped the remnants in her hair "like she sees Mommy do." Mommy never does this. Call doctor. Call poison control. Bathe Emmy. 

9:52-- Microwave coffee. 

10:25-- Put coffee in to-go cup and wrap the breakfast I never finished in a paper towel to bring in the car. 

10:30 am-- our cousins meet us to drive into Omaha and try a new splash pad

I love these kids and I especially love their mama! They live 10 miles up the road, which is the reason we chose the town we live in. She is hilarious and full of energy, our kids play great together, and our husbands are so similar (they are first cousins) we have lots to bond over and she is one of my favorite things about this season of life. 

11:30-- We got lost, it was quite the journey, so by the time we made it to the actual splash area we were starving and needed a Diet Coke. Stayed at park 15 minutes. Off to the Old Market (a shopping and restaurant district in Omaha) to eat at Spaghetti Works
The girls + Archie eating his bread! So much cheaper than 'puffs,' he loves it!
A sign of a meal enjoyed, who remembers these days crawling under restaurant tables picking up chunks of food?! The best part is I always forget I have a tattoo on my "lower back" that hangs out when I do this and Mike loves to remind me about my tramp stamp
1:45-- Back home, during our 30 minute drive Archie fell asleep even though the kids were yelling and singing trying to keep him up! 

2 pm-- Made dinner while everyone ran around yelling and asking for snacks (um, we just went out to eat!) I LOVE prepping dinner early in the afternoon so I don't have to do it at night. I do this as often as possible, the 5-7pm time slot is so hard for me because I can't drink caffeine that time of day and everyone is starting to freak the freak out. If I have dinner ready to bake/in the crockpot, it makes that time slot easier and I can finish picking up the house or sit and rest for a bit. 

2:30 pm-- everyone off to bed! Archie helped me tuck in Emmy and Mack, then he went back to sleep as well. 

2:45-- Mama settles in her own bed with a book, her computer, and a huge sugar cookie (I made my own icing which is basically whipped butter and some confectioners sugar) Whenever I rest during nap time (which is every, single, day) I hear my mom's voice saying, "When you guys were little, I never sat down during nap time. I always used that time to work and get things done." Good for you, Mom! So sorry to depart from the ancient family tradition of productivity. **But note, my mom is the least judgmental person ever, she just made this comment responding to my complaints that I never get enough done during the day! 

I'm reading At the Edge of the Orchard by Tracy Chevalier (she wrote Girl with the Pearl Earring) and it's really interesting! A historical fiction novel NOT about WWII. Last week on vacation I read The Improbability of Love, it was SO, SO good. I highly recommend it! 

3:45-- Emmy comes in my room. I work on the computer while she lays next to me and uses my phone. I finally caved and bought an app they can use, it is called "Jellytelly" they love it! It is faith based tv shows like Veggietales, the cartoon version of my favorite kids' book: The Jesus Storybook Bible, and a whole bunch of other riffraff like a pig that sings Bible Songs and a sitcom called Davey and Goliath.

K, so Archie is not a good napper but today he napped until 5! I for real laid in bed this whole time. Mack got up around 4:45. But since I already had dinner made, and this NEVER happens, I enjoyed just snuggling with my kiddos and relaxing. Since today I was doing the "day in the life" I considered doing something productive to blog about how awesome I am, but I'm not! Just a normal mama who loves a good break when it comes her way. 

5:15-6:15-- a blur of an hour, playing our favorite game "Mom! HOW LONG UNTIL DINNER IS READY?" To which I answer every 2 minutes, making up different countdowns-- because they can't tell time at all!  
Playing outside while Mom finishes dinner 
Emmy feeds her cat, Rosie, who has been with us the longest! She's our 5th stray cat this year, whatever.

My lovies eating dinner and complaining about all the parts they don't like! 
6:15-- Emmy and Mack shower while Archie crawls around putting every single thing in his mouth and partaking in his favorite snack, shoes

6:30-- Post Bath Dance Party, we love Disney Pandora! 

6:45-- Mom cleans the kitchen floors with Archie's help (he eats all the crumbs)

6:57-- DADDY IS HOME!! This is early for him this time of year, usually I put the wee ones to bed before he gets in but we are so excited to see him!!

Archie can't get enough of his "Dada," whenever he hears his voice, he crawls towards him as fast as he can

7:05 pm-- Mom calms everyone down with a book on the couch

 7:10 pm-- Daddy gets everyone riled up by doing push-ups with the kids and throwing them in the air
Not a photo blur, he does not have his teeth in right now

Also missing some teeth
7:15 pm-- Mike puts the kids to bed (even though it sounds like they're wrestling wild bears downstairs) and Mama has her favorite evening snack

 7:30 pm-- Time for our guilty pleasure, Bachelor in Paradise! Love it! So trashy, so much drama, we are new Bachelor fans and can't get enough of this silliness

9:45 pm-- Time for bed for this Mama, sleeping in the same clothes I wore all day, this will make getting ready tomorrow morning much easier 

I will be doing this again, I love being able to capture these memories. I know someday I'll miss the ordinariness of being home and raising these sweet littles. 

Not pictured: My kids asking for snacks 100 times a day, and me giving them snacks 75 times today then wondering why they didn't eat their dinner.

I picked up clothes off the floor for hours, you may notice in these pictures that Emmy has 4 outfit changes and for some reason, Mack likes to put on new underwear each time he poops on the potty (I should probably ask him why).

Also, my kids do not stop talking, ever. It is a joke within my extended family as well, they just follow any and everyone around all day narrating themselves, asking questions, begging for food, attention, and partakers in their fantastical adventures (as I write this they are playing Barber Shop with a container of Dental Floss).  They also talk extremely loudly, multiple friends have noted I should get their hearing checked.

I broke up over a dozen fights, one of which involved Mack sitting on his sister accusing her of stealing from his "Gas Station" which is a weird make-believe game they play where they pretend to pick out snacks at the Quick 'n Fuel. Reminding me that my kids don't need a vacation to Disney World, we just need to give them more excitement than weekly trips to the truck stop.

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