What I Would've Bought {Day 3}

Every Wednesday through October will feature a post titled "What I Woulda Bought Wednesday." Since this week I was doing my 31 Days introductory post, I bumped it to today!

A friend who pioneered this fast before me, said taking pictures of the items she wanted to buy bought her some relief from her little undertaking. I adopted this to the nth degree because I take pictures of things almost every day! It is a fun way to connect with stuff I want to purchase (but can't) and it is wild because sometimes I look back on these and realize I don't even want that item anymore!

Since I am home visiting my family, there are several stores I have access to that we don't in Iowa. It makes things more difficult for SURE!

Without further ado...

1. Nordstrom Rack

This leopard cardigan was just wonderful, and oh so soft!

Cardigan price tag, can you believe it?! So hard to pass up! Can I buy it and wrap it for myself for Christmas?

Michael Kors vest, $84

This should count under the 'necessity category' because I live in Iowa, right? Our winters are as brutal as can be! BCBG coat, $90

2. Anderson's Book Store

I actually started to tear up when I walked into this place. There was a book reading so I creepily hung around that area and listened to the author share her experience traveling with an orchestra. Love, love, LOVE supporting local bookstores and I grew up shopping at this one with my mom. Saw this journal and was on my way to the check-out with it when I felt nudged to not buy it since I am not done with the journal I'm using right now and I don't HAVE to have it!
Such a pretty journal, and it fit all my qualifications for a good one (college ruled, loosely bound)
Instead, I bought this book for my favorite two-year-old. Little Lou is obsessed with talking about fall and the leaves, and she loves Little Critter. She sat so still as I read her this, definitely worth the $3.99

3. The Gap

I shared this picture on an earlier post but had to share again because this long-sleeve cotton shirt was $5! Gap is running a special and if you buy two or more of their basics, they are $5 a piece. What a great classic!

4. Our local 'swap site'

I love seeing the furniture and toys that our local site members share on Facebook and have purchased a few things for my kids. I have never bought clothes on there before, but this shirt mimicked one my favorite lifestyle blogger 'Mix and Match Mama' has. It is new with tags so I totally would have bought it for myself but instead I got it for my friend Katie who had wanted one but they were sold out!
I might 'try this on' for a day before I hand it over
That's it for today. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. SO interesting. I think trying stuff on would make it harder for me, but I can see what you are saying:)

  2. I take photos of stuff in dressing rooms too. Sometimes I think I really want it, but seeing the photo later makes me happy I didn't buy it. Walkaway power is amazing!


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