What I Woulda Bought Wednesday ->>Marshall's & World Market Edition<<- {Day 22...and 23}

No time to write-- just pictures to share! My kids have turned on me! What is happening in my house?!
These are two of my favorite stores and I had so much fun taking pictures of what I woulda bought to share with you. And I did have a $25 gift card so can you guess what I bought?


I love, love, love back-packs and purses that are mini-back-packs. For years when I did college ministry I wore a back-pack every where so I felt like I was still a student and fit in-- except I often got caught when people saw that it was empty except for my phone and wallet! I always even wore it when I drove, since I lived so close to campus and didn't want to be bothered with taking it off and on. 

Who is getting excited about the holidays? I am having a hard time not putting our tree up-- because I'm insane! (and because it's laying in a heap at the bottom of my basement stairs) I love picking out my kids' Christmas outfits. No Christmas jammies for me this year, I'll have to wear last year's-- the horror!

This dress would be cute for a Holiday party...

Love these plates! 

Do you have a color scheme or theme to how you decorate for the Holiday's? I do, it's called "hand-me-down's," can't wait to share my silly decor with you when that time of year runs around. 

I am wearing the sweater pictured below, yes I bought it! With a birthday gift card from my friend Katie! Did you know if you keep a gift card for more than two weeks, it doesn't expire? I have never tried that before! 

This Michael Kors sweater was my favorite, long with a cute gold zipper. A child deleted the photo of me wearing it so you have to miss out on another bad selfie from my personal series entitled: "I don't know what to do with my hands.."

This Michael Stars sweater wasn't as cute on as it looked on the hanger. That vest though! So soft and puffy! Eek!

Next the shoe department, only one pair really had me swooning

Steve Madden boots, $69.99

And these ones were quite the steal

Then I was off next-door to World Market. Who is the genius that put these two stores next together? Give that man a raise!

This beauty was lookin' at me when I walked through the door
Since marrying Mike, I have become a willing participant in putting animal body parts on my walls

 I am doing our family-room post fast with a black, white, and brown motif, love this rug, it was 50%, sigh...

And these carts would make super cute end tables! 

This wood platter looks exactly like our wedding cake plate (I made Mike cut down a tree to make it happen). He threw it out one day when I wasn't looking. I see an anniversary gift in my future!

Okay tomorrow I'll be back like non-consistent blogger that I am with Thursday's Post: 10 Things I love About My House. I know you're so excited and holding your breath! 

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  1. I might have to go to Marshall's for that backpack!


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