What I Woulda Bought Wednesday ->>Target Edition!<<-

When my kids and I pull out of the driveway, there are 3 route options to leave our neighborhood. Depending which way I turn, they start cheering different things. Once I get up to the traffic light and they realize where we are, they start cheering, "Target! We're going to Target!" Sometimes we are not going to Target that day and they point and yell at it as we go past. If we do go and I pull into a parking space, and I sit in the car too long looking at my phone or finishing up whatever meal I brought with me into the car, Mack will start crying and pointing at the store, saying, "Go! Go Target!"

Monkey see, Monkey do! We all love Target at my house.

My kids behave pretty awesome when we go there and there is a Starbucks so it is like my little slice of Mommy Heaven-- no spending fast is broken at the Starbucks- I have sweet friends who gave me gift cards for my birthday! We have a set path that we follow every time: scarves, shoe clearance, outer edge of women's clothing (because our cart doesn't do the zig zag through the sweater/legging maze very well) next is baby section for diaper/wipes, and then the bedding and decoration end-caps to see what's on clearance. We finish up at food/pharmacy where we can always find some fun snacks. Sometimes on the way to check out I stop in the stationary/office section to get a new craft for the babes.

To keep the littles happy I seriously move through the store like I am training for some kind of shopping Olympics. And because this is how we operate in our family, I literally never stop talking to them. "Oooh look at this!" "Help me go find an item for Daddy!" "Should we buy this color or this color?" I think that helps keep their attention. Also pretty much the entire time, I am telling them not to throw things from the cart and fussing at Lou to sit down on her bottom because she is not riding a parade float, thank you very much.

Target is great because we can find something to appease everyone and every need we never knew we had, but it is also awful because how do you leave without spending at least $50? I have no clue. I go in for 3 things and leave with 10. Every time. It truly has gotten better now that I'm on my spending fast because I eliminate my own wants and stick closer to the needs of our household.

Here is what I woulda bought this week at Target!
Where was this infinity scarf last year? I promise I looked everywhere for one just like it!
My favorite! 

These gloves would fall into a necessity category, right? Because... hands? 
The best clothes are ones that could also be pajama's. Love this style of top!

Buffalo checked flannel, so hot right now!
These are pajama's that actually look like pajama's so don't wear these out of the house. But seriously, so cute!
And next onto housewares...
Go buy this right now

Loved that this also had a burlap texture happening on it!
I've been wanting a mirror like this to hang above our bed, because that is what everyone on Pinterest is doing

This is the kind of thing you never knew you needed until you saw it at Target
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  1. Many years ago, when I was your age and Target first came to Naperville, I used to say there was a $25 service charge to shop there. . . . my husband HATED when I said that because it was true!!!!

    1. Carolyne I have never heard of the surcharge comment! I love it, it is so true.

  2. I love Target! But I know I need to stay out most of the time.

    1. Yes that is the only way to not spend money there, don't go!

  3. You should be congratulated you can get out for only $50. I never leave for less than $100. SO I stay away as much as I can, which means my life is kind of sad:(

    1. Veronica that is now that I am on the spending fast I am keeping it real at the $50 mark. I think for every child you have, your Target budget should go up. So yours should probably be like $1,000!

  4. I went to Target and looked at the two shirts you posted. Because I instantly wanted them. It's a good thing that 1) the sweatshirt didn't come in my size and 2) I'm not convinced that buffalo plaid will still be cute by the time I done being pregnant. #budgetsave.

    1. Kara yes baby girl K would really make that checkered print pop! And I think you need to try other Targets to find that sweatshirt because it's a good one, just sayin.' But seriously, way to go on the money saving, pregnancy for the win!

  5. i love the chevron lamp shade


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