What I Woulda Bought Wednesday ->>Online Sale Shopping Edition!<-- {Day 15}

Dreary, long days make me want to shop online. Actually, so do blue sky, sunshine days. And snowy, cozy Winter days. Alllll of the days I love to shop online. Usually one of my favorite stores is running a great sale or promotion (when you have 100 favorite stores, the odds of finding one with a deal are pretty good).

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day. The first half of the day was cloudy and made you want to snuggle under a flannel blanket. The second half was sunny and made you want to take a walk and feel the crisp air and see the changing leaves. In between going to the gym, Bible Study, and taking sweet, fussy children to Trader Joe's I snuggled under a blanket and took a walk (hug-me-Elmo and brown bear came too). And of course I shopped online but only to share things with you.

Here is what I woulda bought, had I not be fastin', and if you get a chance to buy these things seriously-- go for it!

Scarf Fest 2014!
Lace edged infinity scarf $20

Nordstrom BP department seriously has dozens of awesome scarves for $20! 

This David and Young scarf is - you guessed it-- $20!
Gap started their 60% off fall sale this morning!
I bought some green cords last fall and I never wear them because they're GREEN but love these neutral fall pants for $54.99

I like to wear pants to church in the Winter and would love these with a cute blouse on Sundays!
Plaid tunic $41.99

Am loving the darker colors in this boyfriend shirt, $37.99

I would love this fitted grey shirt under a white sweater! $34.99

Gimme the booties! Love 'em!
These little pretties can be found here and as always, Nordstrom = free shipping, free returns, nothing else is free though FYI
Old Navy for the win, this puffer vest looks good with everything and is Only $20! An extra 20% from now until Thursday using the code SAVEMORE

I have been wanting a pair of Converse low-rise shoes for a while, I wear sneakers of all varieties on a daily basis, this is one of the best deals on a pair of these I've seen
$31.99 and free shipping from this site, wahoo!
I am such a sucker for a creamy white sweater which is dumb because a. coffee b. kids c. I love ketchup. But still... this one... get it at an extra 30% off from J.Crew through 10/19 with the code SHOPFALL

This little diddy was one of my birthday gifts from the hubby and I love it. So cute with my boots and scarf or with a bling necklace. J.Crew Factory is online now so you can avoid the outlet mall insanity!
This is on clearance for $28.99!

As I've mentioned before, the best clothes can also double as pajama's. Hence this shirt dress that I would wear with brown riding boots or stretchy pants and slippers
Find this at Ann Taylor Loft -- it's an extra 40% right now 
Okay this baby is $495 so I probably wouldn't have really bought it but just wanted to share in case you're rich because this is dreamy
 25% off Tory Burch between now and October 16th using this link and the code FAMILY25
I have always loved Stella and Dot, particularly this bag. It's a good price for a tote that holds up well and works with every season
My girl Ashley is hosting a trunk show and you can buy this there for $89!
This bag is not on sale but buy it because it is made by Noonday, the best company ever that alleviates the pressure on families in poverty and helps bring dignity to women in South America and Africa.
This leather and striped 'catch all' is $142 and worth every penny. This one is going on my Christmas wish list!

So don't support fancy designers, they don't care! I bought some bracelets as Christmas gifts for some of the ladies in my family! Be mindful of where you spend your money because you can really bless people who are in need with what you buy this Holiday season.

Thanks lovies! Happy Shopping and Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. What I Woulda Bought Wednesdays are going to turn me INTO a spender! You have such great taste!

  2. I had never heard of Noonday, thanks for the link!
    By the way, I am so late to the party that the bag is on sale now for $99. :)


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