Weekend Recap in Pictures {Day 21}

You guys aren't fall weekends just the best? Summer was a bust. Mike broke his leg and I felt crabby a lot of the time. Now we are just feeling so mobile and full-of energy! We are traveling a lot the next 6 weeks so the past few weekends at home have been great. Since Mike is busy with work, we are protective of our family time and it has been precious.

That being said, don't you so dislike the pressure that comes with the weekend? Maybe you don't feel this, but it is always hanging over me that we should be having FUN because it's the freakin' weekend, baby. Sometimes we just feel like watching Netflix and being lame (I feel like that 98% of the time, actually). Also, we are not go-go-go people so it is a successful day if we ate a meal sitting down at some point and took our kids to the park. You will never hear me say consistently that we did amazing things over the weekend and if you do, it's because somebody baby-sat my kids the entire time!

I just like to share my weekend posts because:

1. Mondays- blah. It is a miracle I type anything up at all

2. I love reading about what other people are doing maybe I can get ideas to be less lame. In reading my weekend posts you will feel super exciting and glamorous in comparison

3. It keeps me on top of taking pictures! (even though this weekend I forgot for an entire 24 hours which is why at the bottom of this post, you will see a picture of me using my nebulizer!)

Without further ado...

Friday morning our friends from Pella came to visit. The mamas went shopping in shifts (because Pella is a small town, no CostCo! No Target!) while I played with their littles. 8 kids under 2 years-old, so basically, the rest of the day was a wash! Mike came home, we cooked dinner, and caught up on our TV shows.
Lou and her boys, Ryker & Mack
Saturday morning we cleaned the house which is a big deal. A babysitter came to watch Lou & Mack so we could go out to eat with Mike's cousin Bobby and his wife Stacy. Since we saw them last, we each added two kids to our broods. So much to catch up on and we just love spending time with family when we live so far from ours. Should have taken a picture! 
"Mom, we don't know how to walk on this clean floor. We're about to spill a bunch of food on it so we feel more at home."
I am always super hesitant to post pictures of our house because it is such a modge-podge work in progress! Here is our family room with our furniture that Gus chewed. Barf.
Okay so secretly, Iowa is beautiful. But be careful trying to tell anyone that, they probs won't believe you. Raccoon River is our favorite park (because you can swing and slide with mama raccoons and their babies... jk). We go here almost every weekend and Mike can shoot his bow and arrow in a designated area away from the children. 

Sunday morning Mike went and shot his bow first thing (hunting season, this is now a daily occurrence) and then felt guilty for being gone so he made us breakfast. Off to church for a great sermon on failing (don't worry, I took lots of notes) and then receiving God's grace when we do. 

Whenever we get in the car after church, Mike asks me what we're having for lunch and I always list really unappealing options (gluten-free fish sticks, leftover butternut squash soup, we could mix stuff into eggs and call it an omelette) so that he ends up saying, "Well, maybe we should just eat out.' He doesn't read my blog so he will have no idea that I do this every week to manipulate him into taking us all to my fav Mexican restaurant so I don't have to cook. And all the mama's said, "Amen."
Mack has been having some really good hair days lately
We put the kids down for a nap and I left the house to have some alone time. I sat in my car for an hour, alternating between plucking my eyebrows and looking at my phone. It was wonderful and refreshing in every way. 

I spent Sunday afternoon cooking. A friend from church had a baby and I always bring new mommies stuffed-pasta shells. It is the best comfort food, a little tedious to make, but so worth it for special occasions! Emmy sat on her stool and helped me cook, we listened to music and talked-- it was a sweet time.

My kids cannot eat a meal without needing a bath afterwards. This is why lunch every day consists of applesauce in a pouch and string cheese
That hair! 

Post dinner wrestling with Daddy

After dinner time and putting the kids to bed, Mike folded his laundry and watched a hunting video. Do your men watch these? There is something about hearing grown men whisper that just makes me giggle-- they have to be quiet so they don't disturb the deer; obviously Mike refuses to take me out with him for that very reason. 

And this is how I end every day, because, "Happy Fall Y'all!" 
I am super allergic to ragweed,sigh, these pictures are not the greatest but I hope you were somewhat entertained. Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I love this blog and completely relate to it! My husband's work schedule doesn't allow for much time at home, and I'm navigating through staying home with our 18 month old...sometimes stumbling! I had to laugh at your comment about spending alone time in the car, I've been there! I'm a new reader to your blog and was especially inspired by your messy beautiful essay, you should totally keep blogging everyday!! It's so refreshing to hear an honest perspective I've really been enjoying catching up on your blog!!

  2. You took a picture of Mike folding laundry. I'm dying.


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