Getting it for free {Day 6}

Since I started my spending fast back in January, I have gotten the following-- without spending a penny (even on tax)!

1. These leopard print Sperry Top Siders

2. Cute tank top from J.Crew

3. J. Crew chino shorts

4. A pair of Seven for all Mankind Jeans

5. A new eyelash curler

6. Bare Minerals Starter make-up set

7. My favorite dry shampoo

The clothing items I got on trade at a local consignment shop called WORN. They take in gently used, higher end items and then put them on their floor for resale. After 3 months, you can go in and they will give you a store credit or cash back. If your items didn't sell, you can take them home with you or they will donate everything to Goodwill. I decided before the Spending Fast this would be a fun way to get things without spending money. I have gotten some awesome items at this store over the years- their dress selection is amazing.

Even though I got great stuff, I did shop very differently than I had before the fast started. A year ago, I would go in and use my credit towards new items, feeling like I could buy more because I was getting a discount. So my credit acted like a stepping stone to spending a lot of money! But I always felt like I was getting a deal since at least I had money towards my purchase.

But now that I'm fasting, whatever I had on credit had to cover the ENTIRE purchase otherwise I felt that it would be cheating. So even though I had a $50 credit one of the times I went in, this Kate Spade dress was $75 so I had to pass. Gulp! Love this dress.
I tried this dress on and sat and sulked in the dressing room for almost an hour. When i came home, I almost bought it again after I found it on Ebay. You may see this lovely again on my January 1st, 2015 blog post titled "What I Bought the Day my Spending Fast Ended!"

I like this way of shopping but some people have issues wearing previously worn clothes. Doesn't bother me a bit!

The make-up items I got using points from We have a credit card through Amazon and build up points that count as dollar-for-dollar credit towards anything on their site. I am so glad I was able to get a few of my favorite items. When my eyelash curler broke, I didn't know what I would do-- things were looking bad. The MAC one I love was too much money and I didn't have enough points at the time. I got this Shiseido one instead for $19 and I like it even better.

I have tried many products for my face but I always come home to Bare Minerals. My face is sensitive and this is gentle on my skin and I love how natural it looks. 'Warmth' is my favorite bronzer of all time!

I like Batiste blonde-dry shampoo because it lightens up my greasy, dark hairline! The smell is not my favorite though (but maybe that is actually how my hair smells when I use it?) Dry shampoo would almost qualify as a 'necessity' at my house because I only wash my hair once a week. So yes, I wear used clothes and don't shower. Put me in a van down by the river. But in my defense, did you know my kids are 2 and 1? It is a luxury to all leave the house wearing shoes and clean underwear.

What do you think of my unconventional shopping ways? 

Even though I am getting products, it has still been a challenge for me because in the past, I never spent under the umbrella of these credits, just always counted them towards my much larger purchases. The same has gone for gift cards I've received. Part of me loves the challenge of staying under a budget to get the things I love.

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  1. That dress!! It is so YOU! (Sorry, I'm not helping.)


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