Puerto Rico on a Spending Fast

Here we are in happier, warmer times.

I wish I could give every married couple I know a week away like this. And to my sweet friends with stressful jobs and busy babies, I would give them two weeks.

On vacation, it was easy not to spend money on myself because all the BEST things- sun, sand, trees, blue sky, ocean, sleep, were free (less the cost of airfare, and accommodations... details, details)

But in getting ready for the vacation, I had to create several loopholes in the following areas:

1. Clothes (that fit). This was tough because certain body parts have been redistributed after having two children in two years. The areas you would like smaller tend to widen, and the areas you would like bigger sadly shrink (or maybe a better word is 'deflate?') This creates a need for new swimsuits and shorts, in the least. BUT, thankfully I never throw anything out, so out of the twelve swimsuits I own, I tried them all on and three fit. I called up my friend Katie and borrowed shorts so phew, we didn't have to cancel the trip.

The biggest difference in how I prepared for this trip, was actually going through old boxes of spring and summer clothes and trying everything on. It turns out I have a decent warm weather wardrobe! I just forgot because I spent all last summer in a spit-up induced daze wearing the same gym shorts and tank top. I did pack more accessories than I usually would and since I rarely dress up, the clothes I brought felt as fun and special as new ones would. Had I been able to, I would have bought more than just sunscreen but it was a fun experience to not focus on acquiring new items but enjoying the ones I already owned.

2. Books. I am an avid reader and given a few uninterrupted hours, I will sit down with a book before doing anything else. I knew this would be one of the biggest struggles in my spending fast. But again, simple- I borrowed! I found two in my mom's bedroom and grabbed one from my friend Sam when we got to Puerto Rico. They might not have been my first choice but once I started in, each caught and held my attention.
I read this in its entirety on the plane ride to San Juan and bawled like a baby! It was wonderful.

I have enjoyed every one of her books, she is a great writer. 

This was my first Nicholas Sparks book and it was good. 

Sam also brought lots of magazines so I didn't feel deprived at all!

3. Mani-Pedi. My dad is the KING of coupons. So when we decided to drive to Naperville a day early because of a pending snow storm, I called him and YES, of course he had a random gift card to a salon AND a coupon to buy a pedicure and get a manicure free. So I was able to snag both at no charge to myself, thanks Dad!

I took cash out of Hubby''s wallet to pay the tip. QUESTIONABLE. Better to not think too hard about that one.

We simply had a wonderful time.

The resort lost our reservation, we did not freak out at them, and in return they upgraded us to a villa with our own private pool, is this real life?! We would really recommend staying here, the Gran Melia in Rio Grande.

It truly was easy not to shop. I would have given the chance as there were several malls close by. But since I couldn't buy myself anything, why even go? The one thing I would have bought were some neat bracelets like these that we found that were made by local women...

Instead, I have managed to keep my resort id bracelet on, it looks a little trendy and is a free souvenir. Here I am still wearing it a week later...

When we flew out of O'Hare, my suit-case weighed 46.5 lbs, when we flew out of San Juan, exactly 46.5 lbs! Usually on the return flight, I have to pass off things to Hubby to meet the 50 lb weight limit, it was nice to avoid that chaotic moment as well as the argument that goes along with it!

I ran from the car into my mom's house to see our little ones. I walked in and they both started crying-- for Dada! Little Lou literally ran right past me like I was invisible, and as soon as I picked up Mack- he reached for Dada too! Ungrateful! But now they are making up for it with lots of snuggles and little bursts of anxiety every time I leave the room.

Vacation was great, but home is great too. So grateful to be able to say that.

**Waiting in our mailbox was the Nordstrom Spring catalog, a little voice in my head said, "Don't you even look!" But in a weak moment, I grabbed it and a cup of coffee and hid in the closet. Look what I found, eek! Somebody else buy and rock these pretties, I love Toms and Jonathan Adler, such great patterns!**


  1. the part about your children happened to me as well! they ran straight to their dad! My mom seems to think it is a way of getting out a little "mad at mommy"...they wouldnt let me go later though.

    1. That's what happened to us too Leigh Ann, they are still having separation anxiety oh mercy! So glad you guys got some alone time, we didn't realize how much we needed it and it was so refreshing!

  2. I was totally eyeing those same toms yesterday Ally! They're adorable, but in a moment of rationale, I told myself that shoes that "busy" would be a challenge" to fit into my wardrobe and told myself I didn't need them. Besides, as a late Christmas gift/early birthday present, I just bought myself some Hunter rain boots. And they don't fit. Go figure. God really knows what you need. And apparently it isn't rain boots.

    1. Kara that is so funny about the TOM's, I kept 'hinting' to Michal that I wanted them for our anniversary and he said I over-did it and said I can't use holidays to manipulate him into buying me stuff...I am sorry about the Hunter Boots- mine are small and I have a hard time fitting socks into them, not practical! God does know what we need, sigh. I do think often that if we ever end up living back in DM we need to do a swap party again...


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